Vocabulary 7 - Independence

Independence (noun) - freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.


1. He values personal independence, a lot.
2. India fought the British for its independence.
3. After independence, Sardar Patel played a critical role in bringing and binding all the states together.
4. The employees may feel that they do not have sufficient independence to take decisions proactively.


Freedom, Liberty, Power


Dependence, Slavery, Constraint, Suppression, Restraint


1. Make at least 5 sentences with each word - synonyms, and antonyms. Make as many and as simple or complex sentences as you like.
2. Try to keep the rules of abstract nouns in mind while making these sentences.
3. Please send me at least 5 sentences of one word in a single set, so that I can share feedback smoothly. 4. Please do not send one or two sentences in one message.
5. If you are a beginner, please use the structures taught in the group.
6. If you're new to the group, please use www.englishwithanupama.com to check the basic patterns taught so far.

1. प्रत्येक शब्द (पर्यायवाची और विलोम) के साथ कम से कम 5 वाक्य बनाएं । आप जितने चाहें उतने सरल या जटिल वाक्य बना सकते हैं।
2. इन वाक्यों को बनाते समय abstract nouns के rules को ध्यान में रखने का प्रयास करें।
3. कृपया मुझे एक सेट में एक शब्द के कम से कम 5 वाक्य भेजें, ताकि मैं फीडबैक आसानी से दे सकूं।
4. एक message में एक या दो वाक्य न भेजें।
5. यदि आप बेसिक से सीख रहे हैं, तो कृपया group  में सिखाये गए basic patterns का उपयोग करें।
6. यदि आप नए हैं, तो www.englishwithanupama.com पर जा कर अब तक पढ़ाए गए सीख सकते हैं।  


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