Quizzes - 4

 1    Correct Passive Voice for the sentence I empower my students.
    My students are being empowered by me.  
    My students are empowered by me.  
    My students will be empowered by me.  
    My students have empowered me.
2    Identify the correct sentence.
    I am planning to learn English.  
    I plan to learn English.  
    I am plan to learn English.  
    I am planned to learn English.  
3    Identify the correct sentence.
    He complained against me  
    He will complaining against me.  
    He complain against me.  
    He is complain against me.
    Identify the correct sentence.
4    He has refused to help me.  
    He has not refusing to help me.
    He will refusing to help me.
    He refuse to help me.  
5    Identify the correct sentence.
    They haven't learnt anything yet.  


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