Vocab 5 - Advanced Examples

The following verbs are related to 'see' in some or the other way. Look for the meanings, and make sentences in free time, if you can.


My Response to this list was a small story:

"Look at that window. It's broken!", exclaimed the maid to draw the policeman's attention to the broken window in Lady Ramona's room. The policeman observed the window carefully, and noticed a set of clear fingerprints on the handle. The maid watch him intently, as he collected the finger prints that he had spotted.

As they looked outside of the window, the policeman noticed that the view was amazing! Not only that, the view was shared by all the other rooms in that wing of the castle. "Could someone have witnessed the break-in then?", he thought. He scanned the entire landscape with a sweeping glance and made a mental note to also scan all the other rooms that oversaw the gardens.

As he stood contemplatively in Lady Ramona's room, he saw the maid wink stealthily at someone from the window. "Strange,", he thought, because there was no one in the garden from where he saw. As strange as he found it, he didn't want to alert the maid, in case there was more to this than met the eye. But he decided to probe further into this later and turned around to leave the room, he suddenly noticed someone in the gamekeeper's cottage.

Someone was peeping through the window, and as soon as they noticed the policeman watching them, they drew the curtains on the windows of the cottage. As he stood there staring, with a steady gaze, someone pulled the curtains for a fraction of a second, and peeked. While it was a very brief eye contact, the policeman was certain that it was a man, and he looked angry.

Sighing deeply, when he turned once more to leave the room, he was surprised to see the maid glaring at him angrily. She had realized that he exchange had been observed by the policeman, and that he had noticed the peeping Tom, as well as her exchange with him. She was nervous, but also angry for some inexplicable reason.



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