Updated Rules : 12.1.2023 - English

1. The group will be opened every day at 9:00 am and closed around 11:00 pm. You can post only during this time. This is when you can post your doubts, questions, learning etc. on any topic related to English, to which I will respond as and when I can. I might ask you to submit writing, audio, or video assignments sometimes. If you wish to submit, this will be the time for you to do so.

2. This is a child friendly group. Any age-inappropriate posts, comments, usernames, DP, or promotional posts will be deleted without explanation. You will not be warned, you will be premanently banned. Also, I will not answer queries from very small children.

3. If your child is a member in this group, or if you are a minor, the admins do not take responsibility for any offline interaction. Your safety is your responsibility.

4. If you want to share something beneficial for the group, please message me first. If I find it appropriate and relevant, I will share it with the group, while giving you the credit.

5. Any sort of trolling, flaming, provocative posts related to religion and politics, any good morning, good afternoon, festival greetings will not be entertained. You will be warned once and your post removed. If you repeat after one warning, you will be banned.

6. Please respect the basic etiquette, social courtesy and sanctity of this space, and the privacy of the group members. This is a space for learning, not for nonsense. Any complaints from any members, about harassment from fellow learners, any, inappropriate, indecent messages whether intentional or by mistake, will lead to a straight ban permanently.

7. Please do not message me one on one, unless you’re discussing group management, reporting any sort of inappropriate behavior by another member, or inquiring about paid classes. I am unable to attend to teaching queries one on one.

8. In any circumstances related to this group, the decisions of the admin will be final.


Happy Learning!


p.s. You can mute the group if you feel that the inflow of the messages is disturbing for you.

p.s. 2 – When submitting an assignment, please share the entire set of answers instead of sharing in one word, one line, because then it becomes very cluttered, and I am unable to give proper feedback.


Group Link for the whatsapp group - https://chat.whatsapp.com/C6RoB7rr7SZD5gH3ty8p5C


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